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Migration Agent Australia – Question of the week

Hello my name is S. I am from France and i have applied for student visa and my husband is from Pakistan. I applied on 05.04.2017 till now I am on a bridging visa but i didn’t got any answer yet from the Department of Immigration. No response, they did not ask for medical certificate, nothinggggg.

Last Tuesday i did an email to the case officers from immigration so if they need anything from me or else but they didn’t replied yet. I am worried about that and i don’t know what to do so can you help and guide me about that please.

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Australian Migration Agent and Immigration Lawyer Association

The Australian Migration Agent and Immigration Lawyer Association (AMAILA), is a membership organization of registered migration agents, licensed immigration advisers and immigration lawyers.

We want to change things by making legal immigration services affordable, simple and available to more people than ever before.

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Migration Agent
Migration Agent